Low Energy? Look At Your Fingernail Moons

I raised a bit of a ruckus last week at a women’s business network meeting when I asked a panel of health experts if having no fingernail moons meant you were low in iodine, and hence, more likely to develop early breast cancer.  No one really knew the answer to my admittedly obscure question, but everyone became interested in looking at their fingernails and comparing them to their neighbors.  Because people found this topic so fascinating, I decided to hunt down the answer.

What do moons on your fingernails mean?

Moons on your fingernails are located at the base of your fingernails, closest to your fingers.  They are the lighter half moon shaped growth under your nails.  In palmistry, overly large moons can mean an overactive thyroid and high blood pressure.  Small or no moons are thought to predict an underactive thyroid and low blood pressure.  Scientists have found that a lack of a fingernail moon may indicated you are low in Vitamin B-12 or in iodine which feeds the thyroid.  Vitamin B-12 deficiency has been linked with lack of energy, depression, and loss of coordination and memory, among other things.  Iodine deficiency has been linked with breast cancer.  One palmistry specialist determined there is a link between small moons and carbon monoxide exposure.

What You Can Do:

Small or No Moons:  have your iodine and Vitamin B-12 levels checked.  Have your thyroid function and blood pressure checked.  Vitamin B-12 deficiency is very rare except in vegan children, so you don’t need to rush out to get your levels checked unless you are also experiencing symptoms of B-12 deficiency.  Reduce your carbon monoxide exposure by staying more than 20 feet from the car in front of you, not idling your vehicle, and when in traffic using the “internal air circulation” setting on your heater, vent and air conditioner.

Large Moons:  have your blood pressure and thyroid checked.  It’s a little more difficult to tell if your moons are overly large, so if your blood pressure and thyroid have been normal, there is no need to panic.

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12 Responses to Low Energy? Look At Your Fingernail Moons

  1. shirley mattox says:

    i was listening to health show on tv they said that arsenic poison can be told partly by moons under fingernails is this correct>? they say this leads to low function of thyroid is this correct?

  2. Alexis says:

    I’m confused. All of my moons are do small u can’t see them,but my thumb on my right hand is so big! What does it mean

    • Anthony says:

      Alexis, the article herein is partially correct; enhanced moons on all the fingers, including the thumb, indicates an overactive thyroid. I would have to see your fingernails — but if your moons (technically, they are called, orbs) are low, very low or non-existent, this indicates an under-active thyroid. an over-active thyroid usually portends that one’s sleep patterns are not deep enough; that is, they do not go into the “lower” levels of sleep: delta wave patterns progressing to REM sleep. They usually only reach the alpha stage (very light sleep), whereby they need much more sleep than a person who reaches REM sleep. If your thyroid is under-active, your body is probably not absorbing all of the nutrients that you need. I haven’t seen you but I would guess that you are not overweight; that you do not gain weight very quickly. If I am wrong about your weight issue, then I would really have to see your entire hand; that is, I combine several different features before coming to a conclusion; for example, I look at the features of the nails, fingers, mounts, hand shape, lines in the hand, texture of the hand, dermaglyphs, which includes the fingerprints and combine two, maybe three features that all mean the same thing, then I make a determination and form a conclusion. This is only a preliminary response, based upon your description of your orbs. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to give a definite response without actually seeing one’s hands.
      The web sites below have nothing to do with my knowledge of chirology.

      • Renee says:

        Even if you are taking daily b12 you can show high in labs but.. not so.

        I cant forget I just found out last March I have the MTHFR gene which means no matter who much B12 I take my body wont recognize it unless its Methyl B12 my b12 was high cuz I was taking cyno b12 the WRONG one for my body so it just sat there. Also my body cant recognize folic acid such a shame too cuz I had a baby thinking all the folic acid I was taking was helping her and I both WRONG! Due to my MTHFR gene mutation I Needed to take methyl folate. I THANK GOD MY daughter was born ok but what other women with MTHFR gene mutations don’t take the correct methyl folate I pray for their babies. ONE Genetic Dr I went to years later didn’t even know anything about MTHFR he was in practice 35 yrs!! UGH so frustrating when I know more than my Dr I had to ask my GP to take the mthfr gene test after having it test positive I had a DNA test ran at a place called 23andme to see my other mutations that I can treat correctly for my body.. this is the wave of the future hope all Dr realize this soon and save a lot of health issues and babies health!!

  3. Cathy says:

    My thumbs have large moons, my fingers have small or no moons.

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  5. recoveringme says:

    Reblogged this on Recovering me and commented:
    Have you got half moons at the base of your nails? No! Then read this, yet another sign of thyroid problems as well as low B12.

  6. squirrelysally says:

    AWWWW!!! On my left hand my ring & pinky fingers have none. On my right hand my middle, ring & pinky have very little while all other fingers are fine. I am overweight & do take B12 2 X’s a day. Which goes against ALL what I have read!!

    • Laurie Noble says:

      Except that small or no moons may mean an underactive thyroid – which can lead to weight gain. Sometimes iodine deficiency is the culprit in underactive thyroid, sometimes it’s a whole host of other things. It’s important to have your iodine levels checked because iodine deficiency and being overweight are, according to some theories, contributors to breast cancer. Also, it makes sense to get your thyroid checked regardless.

  7. I know that I was deficient in Iodine. I am now on the Iodine Protocol, which includes taking more than Iodine, just so you know. Thus, the Protocol term. Anyway, I am now taking half the thyroid medication that I was. Also, I take natural thyroid, NP thyroid for me. I won’t take that other fake crap. It made me much sicker.

    To test for thyroid, you must include the Free T3 and Free T4 test. TSH is a test that tells you how the pituitary gland is functioning in relation to the thyroid and has no bearing on whether you need thyroid medication at all. So, if your doc doesn’t want to test with the real tests that are needed, fire them and move on to someone who knows what they are doing.

    Additionally, Iodine is needed by EVERY CELL OF THE BODY, not just the thyroid. So, even if your thyroid is OK, you may still need it, especially in this day and age of our chemical world!

    You need a 24 hour urine test to tell what your thyroid levels are. Contact Dr. Bernstein’s office to get tested. He is the best, in Michigan. Great pioneer in Iodine treatment and research. http://www.drbrownstein.com/‎ He has written a book about Iodine as well. Iodine, Why You Need It and Why You Can’t Live Without It.

    Another great website is http://www.BreastCancerChoices.org. Lynne Farrow wrote a book too. The Iodine Crisis. Excellent reference!

    I found most of my information initially from the Iodine@yahoogroups.com group. The owner is awesome, an ND, and was healed by working with Dr. Brownstein. She had thyroid cancer 3 times, using conventional treatment. Then, decided that she wanted to try a healthier way to get well because she wanted to be around her children for a long time! Her name is Stephanie Buist, ND.

  8. Barbara says:

    My mother (b. 1902) made sure we kept our “moons” showing because that’s where our nails “breathed,” and that kept them healthy. So we dutifully pushed back our cuticles to keep the moons showing.
    Recently, my children questioned me about this practice.

  9. Laura says:

    I have no moons on my fingers but do on my thumbs. i too have MTHFR defects which mean my B12 levels are normal but I cannot use the inactive form. I have to take the bio active forms: methyl-B12 and methylfolate. Unfortunately I have been ill so long that every time I take the B12 it causes horrible detox systems as B12 is needed to make glutathione which is essential for detox. My thyroid panel is normal and I take iodine (kelp) daily.

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