This Green Earth Blog is Here!

This Green Earth is an environmental talk show on KPCW in Park City, Utah.  If you happen to be in Summit or Wasatch Counties you can hear the show every Tuesday at 9:00 am on 91.9FM or 88.1FM.  If not, you can download the show or hear it streaming live at  The show has been on the air for over 3 years and features a variety of environmental topics.  The show’s co-hosts, Katie Noble and Nell Larson take a lighthearted but informative and frequently amusing approach to sustainability.  With over 200 shows on the air, they have covered every topic from disappearing bees, to thriving bark beetles, to alternative energy, green building, organic and sustainable eating, green beauty and even raising your kids green.  Our This Green Earth blog will be similarly informative and entertaining (or at least, we’ll think so!).


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