Switch to Safer Personal Care Products Without Going Broke

We here at This Green Earth are going to you change make the change to safer beauty and personal care products.  We’re going to review a bunch of products so you know what’s good, what’s affordable, what works, and what doesn’t.  We’re also going to encourage you to do your own research and post the results.  If you can’t tell if a product is safe, search for the product in the Cosmetics Database.  They rank products based on toxicity.  http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.org.

The question to ask when determining which products to switch first is “how long is it on my skin, how much skin area will be affected, and can I afford it?”.  Antiperspirant is a special case because antiperspirants keep the body from releasing toxins and those toxins accumulate in our lymph nodes.  (Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system that helps the body collect and attack toxins, bacteria and even cancer cells.  The fewer toxins the lymphatic system needs to address, the more effective it is in eradicating potentially harmful cells).  Toothpaste is also an exception because salivary glands are particularly susceptible to chemical absorption.

So, in order of importance, switch out your products in the order below.

1.  Body Lotion

2.  Antiperspirant

3.  Sunblock

4.  Face Lotion

5.  Perfume

6.  Foundation Makeup

7.  Toothpaste

8.  Shaving Cream

9.  Salt Scrub

10.  Lip Balms

11.  Nail polish

12.  Nail polish remover (if used frequently).

13.  Makeup Remover

14.  Soap

15.  Shampoo

16.  Conditioner

17.  Other makeup

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