Green Product Review: Bubble & Bee’s Pit Putty

There is some research indicating that traditional antiperspirant containing aluminum causes toxins to load up in the lymph nodes under your arms and leads to breast cancer.  According to some, this research hasn’t been definitively proven.  Out of an abundance of caution, especially if you are at risk for breast cancer, it may make sense to switch to a safer antiperspirant.  This switch will not be without its frustrations, so you have to be committed to the project.

There are very few organic antiperspirants on the market.  Most are deodorants.  If you can get away with just a deodorant, go for it.  If not, we’ve reviewed an organic antiperspirant made by Bubble & Bee called Pit Putty, the lemon and clove scented variety.

Pit Putty is very safe for you and for the environment. 

Ingredients:  organic arrowroot powder, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic lemon essential oil and organic clove essential oil.

Cosmetics Database Score: 0 (best)

Potentially Hazardous Ingredients: None

Pros: it smells great, it works fairly well as a deodorant and antiperspirant, the packaging is cute and explains the benefits of using it.  If you do get white residue on your clothing, it’s much easier to remove than traditional antiperspirant residue.

Cons: it doesn’t work as well as my old Secret, nor does it glide on as smoothly.  The product can be inconsistent.  Some bars are smooth and glide on nicely, others are rock hard and tear up your armpits, even when just brought home from the store.  It works better in a humid environment.  It leaves a white residue and crumblies under your arm, but you can rub in the crumbles.

Notes: When switching from traditional to alternative antiperspirants there is a 2-3 week detox period.  During that time, you may want to avoid all human contact, or certainly any new dates!  What’s amazing is that after the detox period, you really don’t even need to use much deodorant.  My sister stopped using deodorant/antiperspirant altogether because she didn’t need it after the detox period.  Says something about the theory that toxins are building up there.

It will work better if you wear breathable cotton or other fabrics that don’t collect underarm bacteria (polyester, Lycra, and most synthetics are big offenders in this department).

If I have a big event or something where I really, really can’t afford to have my antiperspirant/deodorant fail, I use Pit Putty with fragrance free Secret.

Overall Score (0 being worst, 10 being best):  7

Where to buy: (online or there is a list of stores carrying the product)

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3 Responses to Green Product Review: Bubble & Bee’s Pit Putty

  1. We sell their products in our Eco Boutique in Central Florida and it is quite popular. Most people dont realize yet they can get antiperspirant strength in a natural blend and avoid all those toxins! Thank you for listing the EWG score. I always try to post info about the EWG’s cosmetics database… is invaluable. Great review!

  2. John Predom says:

    I originally used the stick Pit Putty and then switched the cream Pit Putty and have been extremely happy.

  3. bubbleandbee says:

    Hi! This is Stephanie Greenwood, owner of Bubble & Bee Organic. Thanks so much for the review!

    I wanted to clarify just a couple of things. Pit Putty is not an anti-perspirant, just a deodorant. In order for something to be classified as an anti-perspirant, it has to keep you from sweating, and is actually regulated as an over-the-counter drug. Pit Putty does help to control wetness through it’s absorbing powders, but it doesn’t stop you from sweating. Sweating is a natural process of the body that releases toxins and regulates body temperature. We don’t want to keep you from sweating!

    Second, in regards to the texture being hard vs. soft, that’s actually a temperature thing. The only thing holding that arrowroot powder together is coconut oil. If you’ve ever worked with extra virgin coconut oil before, you know its a creamy, solid texture when it’s below about 75 degrees. Above that and it turns to liquid. So, above 75 degrees, the pit putty is going to be soft and putty like. When it’s cold, it’s going to be more solid. We recommend keeping it a little below 75 so it’s solid, but when it comes in contact with the warmth of your body, a small amount “melts ” off the top and is applied. You really don’t need a lot, so application should always be gentle.

    Thanks again!

    Stephanie Greenwood
    Bubble & Bee Organic

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