Green Living: 10 Tips for Under $10 (Vol. 4)

Welcome to Volume 4 of our series on green living tips.  I hope these tips are helpful and doable.  I’d love to hear your feedback on how easy/challenging it’s been to implement these into your lifestyles.  As I’ve stated, upon reviewing many of the tips, i immediately bang my head against the wall for not having thought to do them on my own I quickly tried to make the suggested changes.  For me, living the green life has been a process, an evolution, so to speak.  In talking with others about making environmentally conscious changes, I get the feeling that people become easily overwhelmed and in truth, it can be overwhelming.  I am sometimes wrought with guilt for days for not remembering to ask a restaurant to pack my leftovers in foil instead of styrofoam (it is well documented how bad this junk is. read here)….or stressed out while sitting at a sushi restaurant trying to remember which fish is on the watch list and which is safe, remembering to unplug phone charges/coffee makers/toasters every day….to check all of my beauty care products for certain chemicals….remembering to tell everybody i know to do the same things.  It’s all A LOT to remember. so I’m here to tell you,  I get it.  It can be overwhelming. but don’t let that stop you, don’t let it completely inundate you.  It is extremely important, in my opinion detrimental, to keep the health of our planet in the forefront of our minds, but go about it with good intention and an open heart. Know that you are doing everything you can; yet always striving to do more. talk with friends and coworkers about nuclear energy (and contact your local government!), share your opinions on eating locally and sustainably, offer recycling tips to your neighbors….keep the conversation going and you’ll see a movement begin around you.  It’s contagious,  I swear.

1.  Visit the Mambo Sprouts website for information about sustainable eating, healthy recipes, lots of coupons and more!

2 – 7.  As soon as it warms up, arrange a swap with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, congregation, Facebook friends . . . for swapping:

Paint, Tools, Toys, Clothing, Jewelry

Chances are your neighbor has something they think is junk lying around and you could really use it and vice versa.  A swap is a very easy way to have fun, meet people, and get free loot!  You’ll keep it out of the landfill and help the environment by not buying new stuff.

8.  Donate your baby blankets and stuffed animals that are in good condition to the Children’s Justice Center in Heber. (or find one near your utah city) The Children’s Justice Center helps children who have been victims of sexual abuse.  These items are used to help comfort the children and make the experience better for them.

9.  You can also donate stuffed animals in good condition to who distributes them to children in ware zones, refugee camps, orphanages and medical facilities worldwide.

10.  Opt out of receiving junk mail at


About Nicole DiMauro

i am the *intern* for this green earth, a lively talk radio show on KPCW 91.9 FM about environmental issues & green living. download or listen live tuesday mornings at 9 am at
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