Green Eating: Hold a CSA Open House! What’s a CSA?

Park City, Utah (home of This Green Earth and the first state in the nation to have an Official State Gun, yes we are enlightened!) recently hosted an Open House for farmers who want to sell their produce directly to consumers via a channel other than the farmer’s market.  This was a hugely popular event and we recommend every community try to host their own CSA Open House.  I’ve included the CSA’s that presented their wares at our Open House to give people an idea of the depth and breadth of available products.

Before we get started, what the heck is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for citizens to directly support farming in their communities.  Members purchase a share of a farm’s produce for the growing season.  These shareholders pay their money upfront and in return typically receive a weekly delivery of what is in season at their local farm.  The benefits include reduced transportation costs, better tasting and more nutritious food, and a direct positive social, economic, and ecological impact on communities.  Below is a list of the great farms offering CSA’s in Northern Utah:

Artemisia Farms,, 435-640-5228

We are Artemisia Farms CSA, formerly known as Calcium Springs Farm. We are offering organic fruits and vegetables in our $500 full shares and $300 half shares.  The share is for 15 weeks, with additional fall produce at $25 a week.  We will be letting CSA members choose what items they would like in their boxes each week, and if members miss a week, they can carry this over.

B.U.G. Farms,,, 801-718-7478

Backyard Urban Garden (BUG) Farms is a new CSA-based Urban Farm in Salt Lake City growing all sorts of lovely veggies, including micro-greens, for our CSA members. Their harvest season runs for 25 weeks from mid May- late October and offers both half and full shares for pickup in Park City on Thursday afternoons.

Bell Organic Farms,,, 801-571-7288

David and Jill Bell of Bell Organic Farm have been providing the people of Utah with Certified Organic Vegetables for more than 12 years.  Their CSA runs May through November with shares starting at $150.  The Park City pick up will be on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm.  They also offer local free range eggs, honey, organic beef, fruit, and local cheese shares.  Anyone who signs up for a 2 person summer veggie share today will receive $50.00 off.

Clifford Farms,, 801-368-7250

At Clifford Farm, we believe that local, fresh ingredients make for the best eating experience.  Along with the superior flavor and texture experience of fresh local free range eggs, our pork is a wholesome, healthy, delicious pastured pork from our family’s farm to your family’s table.

Copper Moose Farm,,, 435-604-0497

We are located in Park City Utah, elevation 7,000 ft.  Growing at this altitude with over 300 inches of snow per year is a challenging and exciting adventure.  Currently growing on over 3 acres and assisted by our 2,400 sq ft passive solar greenhouse and one hoop house we grow certified organic vegetables and cut flowers for the Park City community.

East Farms,,, 801-525-2219

East Farms is a family owned and operated farm, now growing on over 200 acres, with 30 acres dedicated to Community Support Agriculture and grown to meet organic standards.

Heritage Valley Poultry,, 435-770-2365

Enjoy our Happy Chicken, Turkey and Duck.  Help make local farm fresh all natural poultry sustainable!

Jacob’s Cove,,, 801-787-4830

We are committed and passionate about growing and eating real food. The food that we are growing for our customers is local biodynamic fruits and vegetables. We are out to grow and harvest the best farm fresh food possible.

Liberty Heights Fresh,,, 801-368-7250

At Liberty Heights Fresh, sustainability has always been a core value. Now, with our year-round SFF program, we’re making a renewed commitment to our local and regional family farms and to our customers who want to eat authentic, full-flavored food that they can feel good about in every season.

Ranui Gardens,,

Ranui Gardens is a small, family owned and operated farm located in Summit County with over 25 years of history in high altitude, short season, and sustainable growing techniques.  Our program is open-ended, with no start or finish dates but our season averages 18 weeks, starting in June and ending in October. We specialize in cool weather crops such as leafy greens and root vegetables, but we offer cool AND warm weather vegetables and herbs. We have drop-off locations in Hoytsville, Oakley and Park City.

Sadees’ Pride,, 801-554-0553

Sadees’ Pride natural produce goes beyond Organic, beyond Bio-Dynamic, and uses concepts of Ecosystem Mimicry to produce over 200 of the most nutritious, flavorful, visually apealling fruits, vegitables and grains.  We use blu-green algae, earthworms and fish to cycle the nutrients in our hybrid soil and hydroponic low energy input greenhouse: Local, Sustainable, Natural, Fresh, good stuff from from the farmers’ family to your family!

Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery,,, 801-745-0388, 801-891-2355, 801-710-3833

Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery produces Utah’s first and finest European artisan cheeses from the finest sheep’s milk. Delicate lamb meat for defined palettes and fabulous fleeces for the spinning artisans are offered as well.  Located in pristine Eden, Utah.

Summit County Beef,,, 435-654-7239

Summit County Beef is a local food initiative aiming to supply Summit County residents with beef from Summit County ranches.  The current program offers beef as a seasonal product through:  (1) Direct to consumer frozen in bulk quantities of whole, half, and quarter calves; (2) Retail at the Market at Park City; and (3) Select restaurants at the Canyons.

Tagge’s Famous Fruit,,, 801-755-8031

Tagges is located in Perry, Utah along famous fruit Hwy 89.  We farm a large variety of fruit, vegetables and berries.  A section of our fields have been designated as organic, and on the remainder we have adopted many organic practices.  We have weekly add-ons of peaches, tomatoes, corn, bean and pears for freezing.  We offer jam-kits for blackberries, raspberries and other fruit so you can enjoy the fruit all winter long.

Zoe’s Garden,,, 801-721-8238

Zoe’s Garden offers community supported agriculture subscriptions currently in Park City, Heber, Salt Lake, Sandy, Orem, Provo, Ogden and Layton. Our purpose is to provide the freshest naturally grown produce possible by delivering it to our local members within a day of picking. Become a member and taste the difference!

*a special thanks to uinta headwaters and recycle utah for putting on this great event!

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