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Kids Gone Wild! Artificial Food Coloring & Hyperactivity

Artificial colors, chemicals and fragrances all fall into the category of environmental health, as far as I’m concerned.  So we will be discussing toxins from time to time. From the L.A. Times today: “[a]lthough there is no clear indication that … Continue reading

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Does This Plastic Toy Make Me Look Fat? Toys, Obesity & PVC, The Poison Plastic

PVC is everywhere and man, is it toxic.  From plastic shower curtains (never buy one again), to plumbing, to many many toys, to vinyl siding, PVC is unavoidable.  PVC in toys is particularly invidious because in order to get the … Continue reading

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Great News! Radiation Is Good For You!

Great news people of Japan!  Physicist, Doctor, Nuclear Expert and Public Health Specialist, Anne Coulter on Fox News says Radiation is Good For You!  Who knew?  Don’t believe us?  Watch her convince Bill O’Relly about the all American goodness of … Continue reading

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