Green Product Review: 7th Generation Toilet Paper

When I’m stuck in a situation where there is absolutely no access to recycled toilet paper, instead of being appalled, I find myself secretly thrilled when I can use Cottonelle.  Ahhhh.  (I know, I should seriously get a life).  Anyway, to me, ribbed Cottonelle in all of it’s bleached, sewer clogging, flushing trees down the toilet, soft, bouncy glory is the gold standard for quality.  You may have your own favorite.  Having said that, we only use recycled t.p. in our home (note, I said recycled, not re-used).  Today, I am reviewing a great alternative to premium t.p. brands which is 7th Generation Bath Tissue.

The big questions to ask yourself, are why would I want to flush trees down the toilet?   And why would I want to rub my most sensitive areas several times a day with something bleached (i.e. containing dioxins) or fragrant (potentially containing pthalates) both known carcinogens?  You wouldn’t.  Or maybe you would, but you know better by now.  The solution is recycled, unbleached, fragrance free toilet paper.

Stats about 7th Generation Bath Tissue from their website:

  • 100% recycled paper (minimum 50% post-consumer)
  • Whitened without chemicals containing chlorine
  • Safe for septic systems
  • No added dyes and fragrances

Pros:  I like 7th Generation tp.  It’s pretty soft, it’s relatively strong, it’s 2 ply, and it looks like normal toilet paper – it’s white and even has a quilted pattern.  As my Mom would say “perfectly serviceable” (typically when referring to a sweater I wore in high school that she is still wearing, some 20+ years later).

Cons:  it’s not as thick or luxurious as premium toilet paper, but frankly, I’d rather see the forests be thick and luxurious any day.  It isn’t wound very tightly on the roll.  Can be hard to find in the larger sized packs.

Eco-Note: Did you know if every household in America replaced just one 12 pack of their virgin forest toilet paper containing 352 sheets/roll with 7th Generation Bath Tissue, that would save 1.3 billion gallons of water?

Product Ranking (1 to 10, 10 is best):  9

Where to buy:  Whole Foods, Staples (yes, Staples!), most grocery stores (or ask your grocery store to get with the 90s and start carrying 7th Generation products), health food stores.

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One Response to Green Product Review: 7th Generation Toilet Paper

  1. Lakmal says:

    good product. do you know we cut 18 trees to make 1 ton of paper

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