Canning for Blithering Idiots. Learn to Can! You Can!

I found the greatest website that I mentioned on our show yesterday  It’s a fantastic resource for canning, freezing and making jams and jellies.  Canning now has the added benefit of technology in the form of water canners and pressure canners.  Pressure canners get to a high enough temperature so that you can can (not to be confused with the cancan) fruits, vegetables and even meats without having to worry about botulism.  Pressure canners are inexpensive at under $100.  Basically the drill for the pressure canner is this:

  • Fill your clean jars
  • Put some water in the canner and put it on the stove
  • Put the filled jars in the Pressure Canner
  • Turn it on
  • Take the jars out
  • Done

You now have no excuse not to can.  There are more detailed directions about exactly how to use the pressure canner on the website.  The website also includes information on how to freeze anything and has vegetable by vegetable directions on how to ‘blanch’ the items before putting them in a bag for freezing.  This is great information to save for the summer months when all the produce will be here.  Start saving your jars!

If you do the cancan while your canning and send me a video, I will post it here!

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