This Green Earth Radio, April 5th: Climate Change and Forest Decline

Tuesday, April 5th, on This Green Earth on KPCW 91.9FM, we focused on climate change, the explosion of the bark beetle population and how weather changes are impacting Western forests and aspen groves.  You can listen to the show here at:

Interesting Fact: Did you know that the second largest living organism in the world is located in Utah?  It’s the Pando Aspen (the Trembling Giant) near Fishlake National Park, which is a clonal colony of a single male aspen covering 106 acres.  The largest living organism is the Great Barrier Reef.

On This Green Earth, Nell Larson and I spoke with Liz Herbertson, Forest Health Specialist for the Forest Health Protection section of the U.S. Forest Service.  We discussed the status of several species of bark beetles that affect our trees, the reasons why these native species are now causing trouble, and what the public should know.

In segment two, Paul Rogers joined the show. He’s the Director of the Western Aspen Alliance and a professor at Utah State University.  Paul discussed Sudden Aspen Decline, what is causing this phenomenon, and what we can expect to see for this Western icon in future years.

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