Budget Debate for Dummies: Slash the EPA, Burn Planned Parenthood

The GOP and the Democrats are still fighting over two items in the budget.  One would slash funding for family planning both domestically and internationally.  To my mind, family planning is an environmental issue.  The number one way to cut back on our impact on the environment?  Stop overpopulating.  Simple.  The Republicans make this an issue over abortion, but the budget cuts go beyond de-funding abortion and move solidly into the territory of cutting funding for birth control, family planning counseling and pap smears and other health services for low income women.  Ridiculous.

The other budget item fight is over funding for the EPA.  The GOP proposes to cut 29% of funding for the Environmental Protection Agency at the rate of $3 billion dollars – twice the amount they originally proposed.  The worst of it is that the provision intends to permanently shut down the EPA’s power over greenhouse gas emissions (thanks Koch brothers) and prevent the EPA from implementing climate change rules.  The plan would also eliminate the White House energy advisory office, which seemed largely useless anyway.  The EPA de-funding, on the other hand, is a huge deal.  At a time when even Republican owned scientists are changing their tune and admitting that climate change is real, why is the Republican party moving back to denial?

(Yes, that is the four horsemen of the Apocalypse above courtesy of blogs.pitch.com.  I’m heavily into Apocalypse imagery today).


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