This Green Earth Tuesday, April 12 – All About Green Building

This Green Earth on Tuesday, April 12 will be all about green building! You can listen live on our website at 9am Mountain Time or listen to the show once it’s been downloaded (anytime after Wednesday 4/13).  Both options are available at  If you’re in Summit or Wasatch Counties you can listen to the show at 91.9FM or 88.1FM.

First: We’ll talk to Mike Dunphy, a veteran contractor and the editor of Holmes, The Magazine to Make it Right.  This is the publication of Mike Holmes, the guy from the HGTV series Holmes on Homes.  We’ll talk about 25 Ways to Green Your Home, Home Energy Audits, and some exciting new green products and trends.

Second: We’ll be interviewing Hank Louis the leader of DesignBuildBLUFF, a nonprofit dedicated to making environmentally sustainable homes for the Navajo Nation in southeastern Utah.  We’ll talk about his latest project, Windcatcher, the first DBB project with an evaporative cooling system.

Last: We’ll speak with Kirsten Jacobsen, the Education Director for Earthship Biotecture.  Earthships are off the grid homes made from a variety of recycled materials including tires, glass and mud.  They are really cool looking.  Check them out on the Earthship website.

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