Cute Shoe Alert! Eco-friendly, Biodegradable & Fun Shoes

If you’re looking for earth friendly, casual shoes, look no further than Simple Shoes.

In 2010, Simple Shoes introduced their BIO-D footwear collection.  These shoes are not only hip and comfy, but they’re biodegradable.  The shoes break down to dirt in a landfill with the help of something called EcoPure.  Granted it takes 20 years to break down to dirt in the landfill, but it’s a start.  Not only are these shoes biodegradable, but they’re also made with sustainable materials; hemp uppers, recycled car tire bottoms, organic cotton linings, recycled plastic bottles (PET) shoe laces and foot beds, recycled carpet padding, and water-based glues.

Simple also features the Eco-Pure collection which aren’t biodegradable, but are made from sustainable materials.  In addition, they have vegan friendly shoes.  These are shoes that abstain from eating or wearing animal products at all times.  Just what you always wanted!

The best things about Simple Shoes is that they have a decent sized collection for men, women and kids (albeit all casual) and are relatively affordable at around $50 – $60.  So many eco-friendly products are prohibitively expensive and Simple Shoes are priced reasonably.  It makes your next casual footwear purchase, well, Simple.

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