I Would Totally Buy That! Hessnatur’s Casual Eco-Chic

If you’re looking for cute, casual, affordable and eco-chic fashions, Hessnatur is for you.  I typically steer clear from eco-friendly fashion because it comes in three boring colors, olive, gray and beige, is too expensive, or resembles a potato sack with a belt.  Due to this dilemma, I’ve been trying not to buy things at all or buy “pre-owned” clothing to lessen the impact on the environment.  I’m happy to report that Hessnatur solves my casual eco-chic dilemma.  This company has clothing for men, women, kids and even babies.

Hessnatur makes clothing from organic cotton, organic linen, silk and wool and doesn’t use any harmful chemicals in the growing process.  Demand for hessnatur apparel led the founder to initiate organic cotton farming projects in Egypt, Peru, Senegal, Turkey and Burkina Faso.

Hessnatur is also dedicated to humane working conditions, so they are eco-friendly and people friendly.  In 2005, hessnatur was the first German company to be certified by the FairWear organization.  They also won a 2011 Reader’s Choice Treehugger award.  Go Hessnatur!

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