US Budget Bill Provision Enables Killing over 75% of Endangered Wolves in Idaho & Montana

For the first time ever, an animal is being removed from the endangered species list due to political pressure and not because scientists have deemed the animal to have improved in numbers.  Not only is the animal being de-listed, but people will be allowed to actively reduce it’s numbers by killing it.  This sets an incredibly dangerous precedent for the Endangered Species Act.  It means that anytime someone is inconvenienced by an animal, they can donate to their Congress person’s campaign and get the animal de-listed and then go out and kill it.  Moronic.  What is the point of the Endangered Species Act, then?  This is outrageous.

An obscure provision in the U.S. Budget Bill is allowing people in Idaho and Montana to kill endangered wolves.  The provision would allow the numbers of wolves in those states to be reduced by 80% in Idaho and 75% in Montana.  From 700 down to 150 in Idaho and from 550 down to 150 in Montana.  This is a huge decrease in the population and an unprecedented act of Congress.  I certainly hope the Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club Legal Defense or NRDC are going to sue.  I’m so hopped up I’m ready to start practicing law again.

There are almost 3,000 wolves in Minnesota and we never hear complaints about those wolves from the ranchers or farmers.  There are only 700 in Idaho and the people there aren’t man enough to figure out how to live with them.  Montana is even worse, with only 550 spread out over a much larger state.  That’s the same number of wolves as in Michigan.  Do you ever hear Michiganders whining about their wolf population?  Did you even know there were wolves in Michigan?  Yeah, me neither.  Maybe the good folks of the Midwest could come out West and show their wussy Western brethren how to suck it up and deal.  Babies.

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2 Responses to US Budget Bill Provision Enables Killing over 75% of Endangered Wolves in Idaho & Montana

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  2. Basil says:

    About my self I say the real man should help those animals and I think wolves need to be helped I pray to make them alive not death

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