Earth Day! Top Ten Tips from This Green Earth

This Green Earth can’t let an Earth Day pass without offering up some tips for greening your life and the Planet.  If you’ve been foll0wing this blog, some of these will be very familiar.  Even though I think everyone should think of their impact on the Earth daily, today I have a special excuse to jump up on my soapbox.  In order of ease, from light green to dark green, I present you This Green Earths Top Ten Earth Day Tips.  They are short, so you can click on the links provided for more information:

1.  If you live in the West, sign up for Blue Sky Energy Credits with Rocky Mountain Power.  For $1.95/month you can power your home or business with wind, solar or geothermal.  If you live in another region, look for your region’s alternative energy options.

2.  Got a dog?  Make your old socks into “skunkies”.  Put a tennis ball in the end, tie a knot and you’ve got a fun toy.  If your dog is Dogtor Destructo, try three socks layered on top of each other.  More pet green tips here.

3.  Ban Styrofoam food containers from your life.  They release the neurotoxins benzene and styrene into your food, particularly when heated.  Short of that don’t ever cook in styrofoam containers and don’t put hot or oily food in them that you plan to eat later.  More information here.

4.  Go PVC free, or PVC light.  PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a plasticizer linked with a variety of ills, including cancer and childhood obesity.  If something smells like plastic, chances are, it contains PVC.  PVC is in children’s toys, plastic shower curtains, yoga mats, vinyl tablecloths, vinyl siding and a whole host of items.  Buy natural fibers or cloth when you can.  More info here.

5.  Try a year of Meatless Mondays.  One day of the week isn’t that hard to achieve.  It will reduce your carbon footprint and benefit your health.  More information here.

6.  Do a Home Energy Audit.  This will tell you where your home is leaking dollar bills and how to plug the leak.  They’re inexpensive and a wealth of information.

7.  Start composting.  It’s easy, cheap, great for your garden soil, keeps 25% of your waste out of the landfill and you can do it in any type of home or apartment.  More information here.

8.  Install a Solar Hot Water Heater.  Your hot water heater uses the most energy in your home after your refrigerator.  Many companies are now installing solar hot water heaters in Park City and are very experienced.

9.  Buy a more eco-friendly car. shows you the carbon footprint and the air pollution produced by most cars.  You can look up your own car and then search for something better.  My personal favorite is the four door electric Tesla Model S coming out next year.

10.  Build an Earthship or a LEED certified home or building.

For more ideas, come back to this blog for fun and informative information about green living, sustainable eating (including recipes), green product reviews, and more.

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