Earth Day! This Green Earth’s Top 10 Green Movie Picks

Earth Day!  It’s Earth Day!  Okay, that may have been a little false enthusiasm, but if you’d like to educate yourself this Earth Weekend, we’ve got some great books and movies to recommend.  I’ll start with the list of my favorite environmental movies.  All are eminently watchable and very few are dreary.  Bhopali, The Cove and The Last Mountain are the most likely to make you cry:


1.  The Cove (examines the Japanese dolphin slaughter and high levels of mercury in school children’s food from eating dolphin)

2.  Bhopali (the lasting legacy of the Union Carbide gas leak that killed around 10,000 people in Bhopal, India and continues to affect them now through contaminated water, birth defects, learning disabilities)

3.  Gasland (one man’s quest to figure out the problems with natural gas and fracking)

4.  The Last Mountain (mountaintop coal mining and its impacts on one town)

5.  Blue Vinyl (a humorous look at one woman’s quest to rid her and her parents’ life of PVC (polyvinyl chloride))

6.  King Corn (examines corn’s impact on the environment and our slavish devotion to corn)

7.  Who Killed the Electric Car (asks who is responsible for GE taking its popular EV electric car off the market)

8.  A Crude Awakening (about our dependence on oil and peak oil)

9.  Wasteland (award winning film about making art out of trash.  Heartwarming and inspiring)

10.  An Inconvenient Truth (the classic Al Gore film that got the discussion rolling on climate change.  It’s worth watching again)

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