Get Bonus Points with Mom! Sustainable, Meaningful & Affordable Gifts

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you haven’t thought about a gift for your Mom, it’s time!  I’ve got some great sustainable gift ideas for your favorite Mom or wife.

Old Family Photo Album

If you have some old family photos, put them together in an album for your Mom.  If they’re your only copies, make color copies and create a book for her.  You can make them funny or relevant with captions.  You can decorate the cover with old buttons, more old photos, fabric scraps, bows or old stamps and stickers.

New Family Photo Album

Turn all of those digital photos into a family album for Mom.  There are many websites such as kodakgallery that offer a variety of “brag books” and longer albums at affordable prices.

Recipe Book

Make a book with some of your favorite recipes.  If you live close by, you can cook one of the recipes for your Mom.  Again you can get really creative with the cover and use anything from your junk drawer to decorate.  Old photos, scraps of wallpaper, wrapping paper or gift bags make an ideal cover for the book that you can decorate.

Local Flowers

If it’s warm enough where you live to produce flowers, you can pick your own bouquet of flowers from your yard or from open space.  Funny story, my grandfather used to carry a pair of shears with him on his nightly dog walks in Milford, CT.  He would carefully prune a flower or two from the neighbor’s or the town’s flower beds.  As far as we know no one ever missed them and my grandmother always had fresh flowers!  If you buy flowers, ask the florist for something native to your region.

A Flowering Tree or Shrub

A flowering tree or shrub native to your area is a wonderful gift.  You can plant it outside and, for added bonus points, add a plaque saying Happy Mother’s Day!  2011.  You can even make the plaque from a rock in the garden.  If your Mom or her Mom have passed away, this is a meaningful way to remember them.

A Coupon Book

This is a fantastic way to indulge your Mom or Wife.  Make sure the book has something tangible in addition to the coupons if you can afford it, such as a gift certificate for a massage or facial or tickets to an event.  Coupon ideas include:

  • Good for One Closet Cleanout
  • Good for One Refrigerator Overhaul
  • Good for One Kitchen Cabinet Cleanout
  • Good for Grocery Shopping for a Month
  • Good for One Garage Cleanout
  • Good for One Home Cooked Dinner
  • Good for One Dinner Out
  • Good for Breakfast in Bed
  • Good for One Day Weeding & Mulching
  • Good for 5 Loads of Laundry

A Massage or Facial

A massage or facial is a great, green way to treat the women in your life to some much needed R&R.

Tickets to a Concert, Play or Event

Another fun experience that is green friendly.

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