Streaming Video of the Week! Crane Cam! Watch the Crane on Her Nest!

This is so beyond exciting!  As you may know from this post, we live on the Swaner Nature Preserve, home to many nesting Sandhill Cranes.  We are lucky enough to have one nesting about 300 feet from our balcony and we watch her every morning.  Through rain and wind and hail and snow (mostly snow), she diligently sits on her 2 large beige speckled eggs.  Sometimes her mate stops by for a beer and they sing to each other which is sweet.  If I were her, I’d be happier if he’d stop singing and maybe took a turn on the nest for a while.  Maybe that’s what they’re singing about.

Anyway, we rigged a webcam so that everyone can see when the Crane’s eggs hatch and watch the baby cranes.  We’ve got a primitive system going right now and will upgrade it as soon as we can, but you can get the idea.  If it’s shaky, that’s because we’re home messing with it.  If it’s not, then we may not be home and you can stop by and steal the elliptical machine in the garage that we haven’t had a chance to sell yet.  Seriously, go for it.  While you’re at it, there are some bike parts and a bike rack you can have too.  Better yet, just clean out the garage (but leave the tools, please).  Thanks!

We don’t know when the eggs will hatch, but if we can get an idea, we’ll let you know.  We’ll also post any upgrades to the video and host it live on the blog somewhere.  A special thanks to my husband who did a ton of research and in the meantime, rigged up a webcam to a telescope from my Dad.

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