Our Live Sandhill Crane Nest Cam Is Perfect Now – Eggs Should Hatch This Week!!!

We’re still ridiculously excited about the live Sandhill Crane Nest Cam that we set up on our deck.  My husband Mark has spent hours and hours trying to get this thing absolutely perfect.  He rigged up the web cam to a piece of glass and then mounted it on a telescope on our balcony, but this feat of engineering took many attempts before it actually worked.  In addition we had to hack into an old computer that’s hosting the cam because it locked up.  Now, after many days of adjustments and microadjustments, we’ve got it going.  There are several amazing things to note about the Sandhill Crane Nest Cam:

1.  Watch for “The Changing of the Guard” a few times a day where the bird sitting on the nest is replaced by its mate.  They fluff up the nest, do a little dance (make a little love, get down tonight . . .), and talk to each other.  It’s really incredible to watch this ritual and we’ve seen it happen in the morning around 8:30am.  We’ll keep you posted on other times of day.

2.  The Eggs Will Hatch Very Soon!  The incubation period for eggs is about one month and the crane lay these eggs about a month ago.  Keep an eye out for new crane babies coming soon!

3.  Turn Up the Volume.  The sounds of the Red Wing Blackbirds, Cranes and other birds are truly amazing.

4.  Watch for Beavers, a Red Fox, Skunks and Other Animals.  We saw a beaver swim right by the nest this morning and we regularly see a red fox and a skunk out there too.

If you see anything else cool happening that viewers should see, feel free to post a comment.  Happy Crane Watching!

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