This Green Earth Interviews NY Times Eco-Journalist & Blogger Andy Revkin

On Tuesday,’s This Green Earth we interviewed Andy Revkin, world renowned environmental journalist with the New York Times.  He has traveled all over the world on assignment and in connection with books he’s authored.  He is now the writer of the Dot Earth blog which is a fascinating, well researched analysis of environmental issues.  Andy is a super nice guy and we had a great conversation – not always the case with very accomplished environmentalists.

Andy Revkin talked to us about population trends, climate change, fracking and a host of other environmental issues.  He said if you read just one of his blog posts, it should be this one, Confronting the Anthropocene.  His writing is like Lay’s Potato Chips (oh, the horror, you don’t actually eat those things do you?!), you really can’t read just one (oh, the horror, I just made a bad pun from a processed food tag line).  If you’d like to listen to the interview it’s posted on the KPCW website and you can listen by clicking here.  The second half of the interview is about solar hot water systems which is actually also very interesting.

On next week’s show, we’ll be talking about the corporatization of the organic food system and the epidemic of disappearing frogs and amphibians.  This Green Earth is every Tuesday from 9-10am on KPCW.  You can stream it live on or listen to past episodes on the website.  Thanks for listening!

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