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Katie Noble is a real estate agent at Summit Sotheby's International Realty in the beautiful Heber Valley, Utah. She is a real estate professional in every sense of the word. Katie started her career at the age of five with a paintbrush in hand varnishing stairs in her parents’ vacation home in Cape Cod. She’s still not sure who would give a paintbrush to a five-year-old, especially one prone to knocking things over, but everyone survived even if there was an odd lump hidden under the carpet for years after. After graduating with honors from Colgate University with a degree in History, Katie's career ambition was to save the whales. In furtherance of this goal (and truly to avoid door to door canvassing talking about whales with strangers), she attended law school at the University of Utah College of Law in Salt Lake City, mostly because it was a great school and they gave her a scholarship. She thought that paying for law school herself and going all the way across the country would keep her family out of her business. Two words: flawed logic. Unable to find any whales in Utah that needed saving, Katie worked for The Nature Conservancy during law school. They told her she needed experience as a real estate attorney, so she dutifully went back to Boston and flew up the corporate ladder as a commercial real estate lawyer at prestigious law firms, such as Saul Ewing and Hinckley, Allen & Snyder. At a fairly young age, she became General Counsel for a multifamily investment firm, working primarily on $100 Million - $1 Billion apartment transactions. After ten years practicing law, sailing, and buying and selling her own properties in Boston and Newport, RI, Katie missed her old Utah life: the mountains, the sun, the snow, and the open spaces. Not one to fear change, Katie started a family and a new career selling real estate shortly after returning to Park City. Katie started selling commercial real estate for Commerce CRG then moved to residential as part of a top producing team. She now works on her own selling exclusive properties at the wonderful Summit Sotheby's agency. Katie loves helping people sell their homes and find their dream home or vacation property. She equally loves the logic and numbers involved in commercial real estate sales and development. Katie is a listener, negotiator, diplomat, advisor, and a trusted friend to all. True to her promise to save something (even if it wasn’t whales), several years ago she founded the successful non-profit Pure Midway which is dedicated to preserving Midway’s open spaces. Katie lives in Midway with her husband, young daughter, Bernese Mountain Dog, Golden Retriever and a rescue cat named Spanky. She loves art, traveling, baking, reading, hiking, skiing, mountain biking and hosting very last-minute parties, especially if they involve costumes.


It’s been unusually warm and dry in Alaska and in Utah this winter and freezing and snowy in the Northeast.  I’d like to get rid of the term Climate Change or, worse, Global Warming and start calling what seems to … Continue reading

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Are you ready for this?  Do you want to make your life easier, save money, save time, and save the planet for your children?  There is a Very Easy Way to do this.  Drum roll please.  Boycott the Children’s Party … Continue reading

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Mr. Fuzzy Boots Shnubbywubbins As Murderer and Adulterer! What Cat Cams Are Revealing . . .

Is your precious Twinkletoes Cattywumpus killing baby bunnies in cold blood, then coming home and snuggling up to your baby?  Or cheating on you with another family?  Or fighting off dogs and coyotes in his spare time?  Or sleeping under … Continue reading

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Cute! Live Webcam Shows Mama Bear Hibernating With 2 Cubs

I didn’t know bears move so much when they hibernate, did you?  This is pretty cool – a live webcam showing a four year old black bear hibernating with her two one year old cubs.  At times you can get … Continue reading

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Old Apple, New Poison

Did you know that every time you throw away a computer, it is reincarnated?   Seriously, this is true.  Instead of coming back to life as, say, a Park City dog which is the fondest wish of many, your adorably useful … Continue reading

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Animal of the Week! What Is An Unau?

The next time you want to insult someone really lazy or slow moving, say “ugh, you’re such an unau!”.  That’s pronounced yoo-no.  It’s also a great Scrabble word if you’re trying to get rid of two u’s, you know. A … Continue reading

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Press the Easy Button: Stupidly Noncontroversial Global Climate Action With The Flip Of A Switch

We collectively need a major turn off in the world.  And no I’m not talking about the lost sex tapes of William H. Taft (did you know he earned the nickname “Tubby” because he was so portly he got stuck … Continue reading

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Boohooing Over the Nanny State – NYC Proposed Ban on Polystyrene Cups & Containers

Ever notice how the same people who freak out about increasing taxes also go mental over the expanding Nanny State?  In many instances the very same maligned Nanny State legislation actually saves tax dollars.  For example, Mayor Bloomberg is widely … Continue reading

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She’s Baaaaack! What Happened to The Green Life Blogger?

Hi Everyone!  Thank you for reading my blog during my extended absence.  I hope the information has been useful or at least amusing.  I would love to tell you that I haven’t posted to this blog in over a year … Continue reading

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Deciphering the New Report on Carcinogens (Including Styrofoam – Ha, Told You So!)

The 12th Report on Carcinogens put out by the National Toxicology Program added 7 ingredients to its list of known or strongly suspected human carcinogens. And none too soon, I might add.  The ingredients are a little tough to decipher, … Continue reading

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