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Boohooing Over the Nanny State – NYC Proposed Ban on Polystyrene Cups & Containers

Ever notice how the same people who freak out about increasing taxes also go mental over the expanding Nanny State?  In many instances the very same maligned Nanny State legislation actually saves tax dollars.  For example, Mayor Bloomberg is widely … Continue reading

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She’s Baaaaack! What Happened to The Green Life Blogger?

Hi Everyone!  Thank you for reading my blog during my extended absence.  I hope the information has been useful or at least amusing.  I would love to tell you that I haven’t posted to this blog in over a year … Continue reading

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Deciphering the New Report on Carcinogens (Including Styrofoam – Ha, Told You So!)

The 12th Report on Carcinogens put out by the National Toxicology Program added 7 ingredients to its list of known or strongly suspected human carcinogens. And none too soon, I might add.  The ingredients are a little tough to decipher, … Continue reading

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This Green Earth Interviews NY Times Eco-Journalist & Blogger Andy Revkin

On Tuesday,’s This Green Earth we interviewed Andy Revkin, world renowned environmental journalist with the New York Times.  He has traveled all over the world on assignment and in connection with books he’s authored.  He is now the writer of … Continue reading

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Holy Exploding Watermelons! One More Reason to Avoid Chinese Produce

We’ve been pretty harsh critics of products from China on This Green Earth and this is further proof that our criticism is justified.   Today we learned that watermelons are exploding in China because they were given high levels of a … Continue reading

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Crane Cam – We Have Babies!!! So Proud!

The Sandhill Crane Babies have arrived!  There are two and they are so cute and fuzzy.  The Crane Cam live feed is up but right now she’s sitting on the babies.  Here is a link to a recording from about … Continue reading

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What’s Your Green Ability Level? From Bunny Hill to Double Black Diamond

When people learn to ski or snowboard, they love mastering one level and moving up to the next.  The same should be true for going green.  Once you master one level, it’s time to move on to the next.  Or, … Continue reading

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